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Secrets to Spotting and Nurturing your Children’s Talents


When you consciously keep an eye on your children, you will start noticing how they spontaneously fell, think and act. You will also see them show a variety of reactions and behaviors. If you observe a certain behavior for a good number of times, it might be a budding talent. Just like adults, children have unique reactions depending on their talents.

Your kid’s favorite interests and activities can also give you hints on their talents. What do they love to do? What captures their attention? They might be interested in cars, books, painting, a keyboard, baby dolls, bugs, etc. When children are verbal, observe and ask them what they like most in an attempt to know what they love most. Here are some secrets to for spotting and nurturing your children’s talents.

Look for clues

When children exhibit the same clues repeatedly, they are most likely using an area of their talent. Some of the clues to look for include; yearnings which are environments or activities your kids are most drown to. Another one is rapid learning which includes new activities or skills your children pick up easily and quickly. Additionally, you should also consider satisfaction – the activities your kids are excited about and times when they’re most fulfilled and enthusiastic.

 Provide opportunities

Talents require openings to nurture. In case they lack opportunities, the talents may remain suppressed during the early ages after which it might be difficult to develop it its full potential. It is vital, as a parent, you provide your kid with a range of opportunities so that any hidden talents can blossom. This can be done by introducing your kids to different games, topics, activities, and skills and help them pursue them.

Show Interest in your Child’s World

Children love talking about the things they interest them most. Make sure you listen to them keenly as they share their acquired knowledge. Know their concerns and take note of things that they do not like. If you happen to know that your children are not interested in art, sports, or music, you’re step closer to discovering his passions and interests.

Nurture talents with lessons

After knowing what your kids like, ensure you recognize it by encourage them and telling them how good they are. Moreover, consider enrolling them in classes where they can learn more about their skills. Having lessons make them learn more about their skills and talents.

Offer background enrichment

When nurturing your child’s talent, make use of every opportunity to enrich and broaden her understanding of the talent. This will inspire her and guide her drive. Ensure you show her the achievements and the techniques used by experts and allow them see them in action. For instance, if she is a budding jazz saxophonist, take her to jazz concerts. If she loves swimming, take her to theatre. If she loves swimming, arrange for local contests and watch the international ones on TV.  Open the doors for her to nurture her talent.

Were these the most talented musicians of all time?


Coming up with a list of the most talented musicians of ‘ALL TIME’ is a little challenging considering we do not have any documented music from pre-medieval period there is a huge gap in our knowledge on music and the must which was performed. It was not until the monks began creating a system of writing the chants in the 10th century that we had an idea of how the music sounded during those days. Here is the roundup of the most talented musicians of all time.

1.     Freddie Mercury

Freddie was born in Zanzibar and became a British songwriter, singer, and record producer, referred to as the lead vocalist. He was also the songwriter of rock band Queen. Freddie also became popular for his 4-octave vocal range and flamboyant stage persona. Before he started singing, he had been in three other bands; The Hectics, Sour Milk Sea, and Ibex.

2.     William Hung

William Hung is one of the greatest musicians of all time. He has the ability to epitomize our highs, lows and our struggle to make ourselves heard. Furthermore, the is the history’s best musician as he can speak for anyone who gets the change to sought the stage because he express the life’s complexities better than everyone else.

3.     Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a popular American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He donated a remarkable of 300 million dollars to charity. He is also known as The King of Pop. This title was given to him by Elizabeth Taylor. He is also behind the best selling album of all time – Thriller in 1982. This album was awarded a total of 30 times platinum in 2016. He was also the owner of other albums – History, Dangerous, and Bad – which are all among the greatest charting albums of all time.

MJ was also the first black musician whose music video was aired on MTV, and this broke down the racial barrier in the music industry. Michael Jackson revolutionized the pop music. He is also known for his signature dance moves (military jackets, white sequined cloves, black hat) and his unique voice and songs like Thriller, Billie Jean, Heal the World, Man in the Mirror and They Don’t Care About Us.

4.     Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig is considered by many as the best composer of all time. He challenged the authority by refusing to accept and recognize the cultural norms of the day. Ludwig’s soulful symphonies and sonatas broke all the boundaries of the Classical Era which was defined by the technical mastery and ushered a new period – a Romantic Era. Besides, being deaf did not discourage him from composing great masterpieces which still endure to date in moves like the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.