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4 Skills That Will Help You Make It in the Music Industry


If you want a career in music, it is now a great time to join the music industry. However, it is very competitive and there is a lot of pressure in this industry. You have to know what it takes to turn the desire and passion for music to a successful career. Apart from awesome business or technical skills, here are few skills that will help you stand out from the crowd.

1.     Know the aspects of the music industry.

Working in ‘Marketing’ or ‘A&R’ does not mean that you do not need to know all other parts of the Industry. Take time to understand the music industry as whole and what areas are in conjunction with your skills. Knowing all this makes you more resourceful.  Furthermore, reach out to more people within the music industry, which will help you develop new relationships and build your industry network.

2.     Loyalty

In music industry, it is very hard to make it on your own. Record companies, managers, band members, and promoters you collaborate with become your partners in every project you undertake in your music career. Since these companies and people use their resources in working with you, they expect loyalty in return.

Lots of disloyal musicians are usually blacklisted from future contracts and opportunities. Although there are lots of ways of being loyal, the best explanation is not jumping from one opportunity to another while creating conflicts with those who made you succeed. Develop a code of loyalt to become successful and relevant for a long term.

3.     Make sure you have the talent

In music industry, the first thing you need is a talent and ability. Without this, your music career will be short lived. Talent comes before everything else. Until you have a talent, you should not do anything to promote your music. What most people are concerned about is the first impression. This is key to having a successful music career, as it is not an easy task relaunching yourself to people who have heard you before and were not impressed. The odds are that they will not even try and listen to your music the second time around, even after convincing them that you have improved.

4.     Marketing knowledge

Another skill that is important to emerging musicians and artists is having a good marketing knowledge. Having talent will not help you much if you do not have the drive to promote yourself. Furthermore, spending a lot of time practising the wrong strategy for marketing, you will find it very hard to make progress in terms of gaining recognition and building a fanbase.

Marketing is an important aspect in raising awareness of your music. Most of the popular artists you know would not have made without marketing. However, it not all types of marketing are worth it. Some are just a waste of time as it will stop you from doing things that would benefit your career as a musician. Ensure that everything you do promote our music career in the right way, if this is not the case you will not go very far.